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H e a r t p r o v e n  is a joined company by phphoto and Harmonyhouse and it was established in August 2018. The company is offering exclusive and unique photos and accessories for decorative purposes.

Photo art decoration

h e a r t p r o v e n shows heart-biased exclusive photos and art celebrating the beauty of symbols. The photos and prints are showing another angle of symbols and nature.

The photos and posters are meant for decorative use. But you can also buy a range of exclusive postcards from the gallery. Every photo can be acquired in several sizes, but it is of course possible to make a request for specific sizes. 

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phphoto - 'barefoot studio'

 The working environment in the beautiful locations in and around Nivaagaard in Nothern Sealand is unique. It is maybe the only place ever that all guests are asked to take off their shoes! - They have to enter a calming yogastudio before reaching the photostudio. 

Phphoto is a specialist in portraits and product photography as well as on-location photo shoots . 

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Phphoto and Harmonyhouse opened joined studio in September 2017. In the daytime the wonderful space at phphoto in Nivaagaard is used for photo sessions and photo courses - in the evenings and weekends the location is transformed into the cosy and healing yogastudio YogaJala owned by Harmonyhouse.

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